Anglo Swedish (John Shaw & Sons)

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Governor Advertisement 1926

"Ironmonger" Magazine Advertisement 1914. Click on advert to enlarge

Anglo Swedish No 1,  showing safety valve in the filler cap (enlarged from advert to left)

Anglo Swedish No 1 , above, was the standard petrol blowlamp produced by John Shaw & Sons from c1914 to the early 1930s, although they also produced a number of small petrol blowlamps which sold under the "Lamb Lamp" name. See the A to Z entry for the Lamb Lamp & Tool Company

The "Anglo Swedish" name is thought to have been dropped in the early 1930s.

Governor Logo

Anglo Swedish No 3. Note the wooden handle. The exact dates of production for this model are not known. 

Anglo Swedish No 3 ~ Impressed mark to tank

Governor petrol blowlamp ~ with later steel handle, thought to be from the early 1930s. A version of this was produced with a horizontal burner.