French Blowlamp Collectors Club

Max Sievert Specialist & Collector

Zangobob's Blow Torch Heaven

L'Association Française des Amateurs d'Outils Anciens à Flamme

French Collector 

Classic Camp Stoves

Grace's Guide

500 different brands of Blowlamps from all Countries

British Industrial History

The Coleman Collectors Club

Old Engines

The Old Copper Website

Site of Dutch Collector including an extensive collection of Blowlamps

Includes Marks of Makers of Copper and Brass Wares

Tools for Self Reliance

The Engineman


Milton Keynes

Model Engineering

European Patent Office

Swedish Patent Database

The Blow Torch Collectors Association


The Blowlamp Society


Great Dorset Steam Fair


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Asociación De Coleccionistas de Lámparas de Soldar